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John Coffey is the Deputy Director for Art and Curator of American and Modern Art.

The Valentiner Files: Art and Nature

John discovers a gem from Dr. Valentiner, our first Director.

A Blissful Disregard of Drama

John fills us in on the daring new couple in the American galleries

Rockwell Flirts with Art History

John considers a hidden source for one of Rockwell’s signature paintings.

Our Own Dr. Kanof

John celebrates the contributions of the founder of our Judaic collection.

Thomas Moran’s Mordor

John sheds light on a fire and brimstone sunset in the American gallery

New Picasso, New Building

John introduces the newest additions to the Museum collection, including our first Picasso

Mending Wounds in the Judaic Collection

Hard questions confront the curators when dealing with a prominent example of Judaic art.

The Thing in the Window

Cebolla Church is in most respects a typical painting by Georgia O’Keeffe: a deadpan, apparently artless presentation of a subject in colors of bleached sky and adobe. I say apparently artless, because O’Keeffe is really being sly with the image. Note that she squeezes the church into the rectangle of the canvas. Still, it doesn’t [...]

Andrew Wyeth, 1917-2009

The death of Andrew Wyeth today has reminded me of a story… I met Wyeth only once. In the mid-1980s I was working as the curator of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick, Maine. Early one summer the ladies at the Museum’s reception desk fluttered into my office, whispering that Andrew Wyeth and [...]