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The Sounds of Silents

Guest David Drazin describes the art of playing piano for silent film.

Film Still in Focus at NCMA

Laura expounds on the magic of celluloid

The Cars That Got Away

Laura discusses movie selection in the fast lane

Three Elements

Intern Sarah Parks reflects on minimalist sculpture

A Study in Paint

Leah Thomas starts some detective work on a fascinating group of portraits.

My Time in 0 to 60

Catherine Smith watches as contemporary art about time unfolds.

Beyoncé, Borrowing, and the Beast

Catherine connects pop culture and contemporary photography

The Zen of the Zag

Guest writer Chris Vitiello shares a personal reflection on Black Zag

Reality, Distorted

Cindy ponders the reality warp of Venice…and game design.

Elvis Is in the Building (on loan!)

A royal welcome for a Warhol icon.