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Chad Weinard is the Manager of New Media at the North Carolina Museum of Art. He studied art and design at Duke, interactive design at NYU’s ITP and earned a Doctorate (ABD, alas) in Art History from the Institute of Fine Arts. Chad’s worked with the curatorial departments at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York; he’s a former GlaxoSmithKline Curatorial Fellow at the NCMA. Buy him a good cup of coffee and he’ll chat with you about his dissertation on Rauschenberg and Black Mountain College…or Twitter…or iPhones in the galleries…or vintage letterpresses…or museum collection websites.

Kiosk Art

Next time you’re in the Museum Park, check out the new collaborative artwork in the kiosk (map). The four Park-inspired collages were created by the Adventure Seekers–a group of 7-12 year olds from the Museum’s Track-Out program. (Super-extra bonus points for creative use of colored duct tape.)

Pixelating Feininger

I like to think the subtle blocks of color at the top of the blog and the main site–nestled there under the logo–work on some subliminal level to connect people to the Museum and to our collection. Where do those colors come from? Here’s the secret: take an image of one of the Museum’s most [...]

Melting Bierstadt

Check out this post from the Brooklyn Museum of Art…in which our painting of a waterfall inspires a charred, warped, tumbling-to-the-floor sculpture of a painting of a waterfall. Fascinating. Valerie Hegarty’s piece is now on view as part of the Brooklyn Museum’s new contemporary art exhibition. (See more of Hegarty’s work. Warning: Conservators, please avert [...]

What is Untitled?

Something without a title (I’m not afraid of stating the obvious.) The title of an artwork which has no title (a little silly perhaps), given by an art museum and often followed by a short description that simplifies paperwork The title of an artwork, given by an artist who seeks to free the viewer from [...]