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Chad Weinard is the Manager of New Media at the North Carolina Museum of Art. He studied art and design at Duke, interactive design at NYU’s ITP and earned a Doctorate (ABD, alas) in Art History from the Institute of Fine Arts. Chad’s worked with the curatorial departments at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York; he’s a former GlaxoSmithKline Curatorial Fellow at the NCMA. Buy him a good cup of coffee and he’ll chat with you about his dissertation on Rauschenberg and Black Mountain College…or Twitter…or iPhones in the galleries…or vintage letterpresses…or museum collection websites.

Of Portraits, Tea Sets & Blog Comments

An interesting comment on the blog sparks curatorial musing.

Installing Congregation

See time-lapse video of artist Ledelle Moe assembling her Congregation in the new building

Installing Askew

In which thousands of photos become a lyrical documentation of a new commissioned sculpture

Top Posts of 2009

If blog posts were songs, these would be 2009′s Greatest Hits.

Cleaning Sargent

I never tire of watching years of grime come off the surface of a painting. I’ve seen it many times, but it’s still magic.

The Adventures of the Golden Boy

These are exciting times for the works of art in our collection. So much is happening as we prepare to move the permanent collection into the new building–the conservation lab, photography studio, exhibition design, art handlers, carpentry shop and curators are running on all cylinders to get everything ready. There are some works of art [...]

What is dust?

I caught up with Conservation Technician Stacey Kirby in the galleries this morning, brush in hand, dusting the sculpture. cw: How often do you dust the sculptures in the galleries? sk: Every two weeks cw: What is one of your favorite pieces to dust in the Contemporary Gallery? sk: The Bob Trotman (Girl, 2003.1). It [...]

The Bain Project

The Bain Project is the talk of the town this week in the Triangle. For the next two weekends, installations and performances by 12 local artists will be on view in the abandoned E.B. Bain Waterworks–which some have called “the foremost Art-Deco style building in Raleigh.” (Some great photos here and here.) Two of those [...]

Aluminum Skin

If you’d like to see the new building in the nude, act fast. The anodized aluminum panels that will cover the exterior walls are going up right now. (Some have said the bare concrete made the building  look like a warehouse; I’ll agree it was a bit Brutalist.) I’m eager to see what the aluminum [...]

Snow Day

UPDATE: Chris and Karen, the Museum’s photographers, just posted some exquisite snow photos on Flickr. Check out the slideshow.