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Caroline Rocheleau is an Egyptologist, an archaeologist, a Nubiologist, and the curator of ancient art at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Oh! And she’s also a very proud Canadian. Caroline studied ancient Egypt and Nubia for so long the University of Toronto gave her both a Master’s and a PhD. She’s also received a BA in art history and a degree in art (she can’t paint to save her life but is pretty good at drawing). At the Museum she takes care of all the ancient art, does research on the collection, gives lectures, goes to conferences and visits other museums, writes articles, books, and blog posts, plans exhibitions, and goes to a lot of meetings. When she wants to run away from it all, she grabs her Tilley hat and her trowel and goes off on a dig.


Last Thursday, this was installed in front of the basalt statue from Rapa Nui. How strange… yet how appropriate. Ron Mueck’s sculpture is part of a contemporary art installation at the BM. Something called Statuephilia. (The giant Ron Mueck sculpture Caroline spotted in London is a self-portrait, as is the slightly-more-intimidating artwork that stares down [...]

British Museum

The British Museum. My favourite museum in the world. The BM is a fantastic place because of the marvels it contains. From Australia to Zimbabwe, you can see the world at the British Museum: every major civilisation is represented. Even the people of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) are represented. No kidding, there is one of [...]

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Greetings! My name is Caroline Rocheleau and I am the GlaxoSmithKline Research Curator of Egyptian Art at the NCMA. As such, I am the person who is studying every single Egyptian artefact in the Museum’s collection (which has never really been done before). It also happens that I am a field archaeologist…