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Caroline Rocheleau is an Egyptologist, an archaeologist, a Nubiologist, and the curator of ancient art at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Oh! And she’s also a very proud Canadian. Caroline studied ancient Egypt and Nubia for so long the University of Toronto gave her both a Master’s and a PhD. She’s also received a BA in art history and a degree in art (she can’t paint to save her life but is pretty good at drawing). At the Museum she takes care of all the ancient art, does research on the collection, gives lectures, goes to conferences and visits other museums, writes articles, books, and blog posts, plans exhibitions, and goes to a lot of meetings. When she wants to run away from it all, she grabs her Tilley hat and her trowel and goes off on a dig.

Notes from Golden Boy’s Curator

The first in the series of posts following our “Golden Boy” on his way to the new building comes from Dr. Caroline Rocheleau: In ancient Egypt, it was essential that an idealised representation of the facial features of the deceased be present on the exterior of the mummified body so that the soul might recognise its body after [...]

Art Day 2009

Saturday May 9th was Art Day at the Museum. Art Day is generally held once or twice a year and allows the public to bring for curators and conservators to look at a maximum of three works of art about which they would like more information. This year, curatorial study stations were set up in [...]

International Museum Day

In 1977, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) created International Museum Day to “encourage awareness about the role of museums in the development of society.”  Ever since that day museums around the world have been celebrating International Museum Day on or around May 18. Each year a theme is chosen by ICOM and the one [...]

What’s Under My Pillow

At Dangeil, you can sleep under the stars. That’s rather distracting because the stars look absolutely fabulous against the dark desert sky. Sleeping outside also means being exposed to the winds. Although constant in Dangeil, the wind was much stronger than usual and I opted to sleep in the Bisharin house (with four other girls). [...]

My Tilley and I

An archaeologist is probably not the most fashionable person on the planet while working in the field. There is one item, however, that gives one a very dashing air… 1) a T-shirt with CANADA written on it somewhere; 2) a light blue button-down shirt; 3) trousers with multiple pockets, accessorised with a tape measure on [...]

From the Edge of the Desert

View Larger Map After spending awhile in London doing curatorial research, I am now in the Sudan on an archaeological dig–doing research by playing in the dirt at Dangeil. This is a British Museum and National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums excavation project, but the main team is comprised of Canadian and Sudanese archaeologists. It [...]

This is me being a curator…

Recently, as I was visiting the World Museum in Liverpool, I noticed this strange (but super interesting) case in the Oceanic section of the Human World gallery. Just take a look at the pictures. You approach from one side, the case is blurry and you only see the vague silhouette of a few artefacts. The [...]

London Eats

England is not known for its gastronomy. Yet, there are a few things that are quite edible in this country and amongst them: bangers and mash. As luck would have it, I absolutely love bangers (sausages) and mash (mashed potatoes) and there is a restaurant that caters specifically to B&M lovers. It’s called the S&M [...]

The Musée du Louvre

On the other side of the pond, a 1-hour flight will take you from Toronto to Montréal or Raleigh to Atlanta. Here in Europe, you can do London-Paris… Carpe diem, they say. So I seized the day and spent the weekend in France. Although I was visiting friends in Paris and Lille, I had some [...]

Egypt in London

London, I have to admit is one of my favourite cities in the world (along with Québec City and Cairo). Since I have become interested in Egyptology, I have travelled to London and visited the British Museum a few times. On this trip, however, I am determined on expending my horizons… and that’s why I [...]