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Barbara Wiedemann is Head of Graphic Design/Associate Director of Publications at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She jumped at the chance to return to the Museum (after an earlier stint in 1998-2001) for  the opportunity to work with Pentagram on rebranding the Museum, and the chance to work with the director and curatorial staff on a number of publications in preparation for the April 2010 opening of the new building. She’s a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of PSU with a foreign policy degree and holds a Master’s degree in graphic design from the College of Design at NC State, where she is honored to belong to the College’s Design Guild. When she’s not discussing politics or listening to music with her husband or walking their dogs and cat (yes, the cat joins in), you’ll find her reading books—the kind with covers, and pages that turn.

Q&A: The Rodin iPad App

Barbara talks with Art Howard about the Rodin documentary

Capturing the Essence

Barbara gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the development of the Museum’s new visual identity.