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Alesia DiCosola is the Assistant Marketing Manager at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She studied public relations at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at THE University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She launched her career at Gibbs and Soell Public Relations where her main client was agribusiness giant Syngenta. She learned a lot about crops such as soy beans and tobacco, but quickly outgrew that and moved on to the NC Museum of Art. Alesia’s focus is PR, email marketing, social media management, and shouting out the current number of NCMA Facebook fans. She’d love to chat with you about email subject lines, Art in the Evening, and McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

Choose Your Own Grand Opening Adventure

Personalized Festival itineraries to inspire your plans for the big weekend

Share your Faces and Places with the NCMA

Take part in a huge photo installation at our Grand Opening—find out how.

Social Sculpture: Insert Title Here

Here’s your chance to title Patrick’s new sculpture.

One Last Look

Last Sunday hundreds of people came for a last look at their favorite works of art before the Big Move to the new building.

Art, Tradition & Memory

The legacy of a master craftsman from the mountains of North Carolina lives on in the Museum’s sleek new building.

Green Day in a Green Way

The interplay between art and nature is an integral part of the Museum experience at the NCMA. Surrounded by a 164-acre Museum Park filled with environmental works of art, it’s hard not to be aware—and in awe—of the natural landscape around us. Tomorrow, the Museum Park comes to life for Earth Day at the NCMA, a [...]

Fb 1k

Hooray! We welcomed our 1000th Facebook Fan this week. Thanks everybody!

Facebook: Better Than Santa…Almost

It’s like Christmas every morning at my desk. Okay, maybe not quite as exhilarating as presents, carols, and egg nog, but pretty close. Once I get into work I settle in, get my cup of coffee, turn on the computer and log on to Facebook. (Jealous? I’m lucky to have a job where, not only [...]

Closing Mehretu

Okay, we know you’ve been meaning to come see it, but you were just too busy. And now you have that bad/funny feeling in your gut—I call it art guilt. Don’t despair, it’s normal. It’s why all special exhibitions have the most visitors in the final weeks of their run. So, gather family and friends [...]