Vines about Time

We received some extraordinary responses to our #artandtime video project. This was our first experiment with Vine, a mobile app for sharing six-second, looping videos. It was a natural fit for our current exhibition 0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Art (closes Sunday!). We asked for open-ended musings on art and time. Here are our favorites:

Marla Laubisch created a work of art in time. In her Vine, you watch as she paints a small pastoral scene called “Sun and Shadow” (oil painting on panel), filled with vibrant greens and crystalline blues. Keep watching, and the skies turn to violet, then navy, as day turns to night. (Don’t miss Marla’s behind-the-scenes blog post on the making of her video–including a custom built iPhone rig.)

Alli Burness re-created a work of art in time. Upon a simple suggestion (by yours truly), she traveled to Rome to re-enact a seminal early work of art by Robert Rauschenberg. In 1952, Rauschenberg photographed Cy Twombly descending Roman steps. It’s a meditation on time, movement and change in a series of five photographs. Through several twists and turns, Alli found the steps in Rauschenberg’s work, and created her own interpretation. As she traveled on from Rome, she continued the idea, making Vine variations on other steps she came across. For the full story, read her blog post, and my storify.

rnaoncfixd romped through the art museum in time. His Vine chronicles an playful tour through the permanent collection, punctuated by old and new art, and marked by a (collectors item) 0 to 60 temporary tattoo.

Fantastic work! We’ll be sending these three an exhibition catalogue, and inviting them to join us for a summer concert or movie.

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