0 to 6: The Experience of Time through Vine

With our exhibition 0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art currently on view, the themes of art and time−and the intersection of the two−have been on our minds lately.

Enter Vine. Vine is a mobile app for making and sharing 6-second videos. It’s a format that makes you conscious of time in a new way. Vine is quick, easy, available, and most important, meshes perfectly with the exhibition theme. Because of the 6-second time limit, you can’t create a Vine without being mindful of time. Time is sliced, stretched, lapsed, lost, and repeated endlessly on Vine–in visual, creative, often artful ways.

Now we want you to get involved. Show us your experience of time through Vine. Hurrying, racing, sauntering, repeating, or utterly static–what does time look like for you? Let us see time through your eyes!

At the end of the project, we’ll select three outstanding Vine videos to be featured on the NCMA Web site. Winners will also receive tickets to a summer outdoor concert and film and a 0 to 60 exhibition catalogue.

Here are the details:

  • Vine must explore the concept of time … however you wish to interpret it. Be creative!
  • To submit a video, tag your Vine #artandtime and share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  • There is no limit on submissions. Share as many Vines as you’d like.
  • The deadline to submit to the contest is Friday, August 2 – so get Vining before you run out of time!

Download Vine from iTunes or Google Play.

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