Senior Samplers: A Proud Student

Whenever I work at the Information Desk on the day a “What’s in the Box” session is held, I so enjoy seeing the children leaving with their finished products, all smiles and pride. Now I have had the grown-up version of that experience in the Senior Sampler class! I came away from the first class, “Face to Face,” a study of portraiture, all smiles and even a little proud.

We spent the first hour in the Portrait Gallery, where we learned points in analyzing how a portrait is developed: where the features are placed, how the lighting and shadows bring the face to life and add to the model’s expression. Information I know is going to enhance my enjoyment of the Rembrandt exhibition.

Then it was off to the studio to try our own hand at creating great art. Well, not exactly, but we did have a good time trying. After some preliminary instruction, we each chose a photograph cut from a magazine to copy. There was a lot of friendly interaction and kind words when we all held up our “finished” pictures.

I had looked forward to the class with anticipation and wasn’t disappointed, and I’m already looking forward to the next classes. Who knows where this will lead: the next Grandma Moses?

The NCMA’s next Senior Sampler is Tuesday, January 10. Find out details and reserve your spot here.

Irene Lejman is one of the NCMA’s most dedicated volunteers and a happy participant of the Senior Sampler program.

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