Revisiting the Thing in the Window

A while back I wrote about visiting the small town of Cebolla, New Mexico where Georgia O’Keeffe painted Cebolla Church (1945) in our collection. I shared my frustration at not being able to identify the curiously shaped “thing in the window.” A number of readers offered suggestions. I side with those who think it was a plant, perhaps a potted something-or-other that has bent towards the sunlight streaming in the window. But what kind of potted plant?

I returned to Cebolla in early June while driving with my family to my son’s college graduation in Washington State. (Yes, we took the long route). I left my family in the car while I photographed the somewhat forlorn church which replaced the adobe structure painted by O’Keeffe. (Note to memory: in my earlier blog post I mistakenly described this later church as made of brick. It is in fact faux adobe.) The church was locked so I was limited to peering through the windows. I was pleased to see that several windows had potted plants on the sill, though none resembled the lavish foliage of the “thing in the window.”

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