Come In and Sit for a Spell

Norman Rockwell’s images can take you back to a simpler time, a world with fewer distractions, when life seemed to move a little more slowly. While some of us might challenge the idea that life was simpler then (when was life ever simple?), we would fondly remember a world when we weren’t attached to a phone or computer 24/7. A world when we were not always plugged in. A world without endless possibilities for everything.

Rockwell’s work reminds us of a time when families gathered around the dinner table or piled into the car (a car without a DVD player) for family vacations, a time when kids found ways to amuse themselves that didn’t involve sitting in front of a computer or a television. An age when many families found themselves out on their front porches in search of a cool breeze and a good story, as they entertained themselves with what was happening in the neighborhood.

Rockwell’s nostalgic works will put you in just the right frame of mind to enjoy a little time on our Front Porch. We have created a porch inside the Museum, complete with rocking chairs and a shady yard. Stop by for a game of checkers with a friend or just a little girl talk under the trees. The Front Porch is the perfect spot to linger and share your thoughts and impressions about Rockwell’s work. This gathering spot also hosts storytellers and musicians throughout the American Chronicles exhibition.

But not to worry; we haven’t totally left the 21st century behind. Your view from the porch includes a screen with photographs of porches submitted by people across the state, and Caption This, a project that lets visitors submit captions for select works from three exhibitions. Do stop by!

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