Time for Your Close-Up, Golden Boy

Golden Boy is a star. In the second post of today’s triple-header, Caroline tells us about our hero’s photo shoot.

Roll out the red carpet! Bring out the spotlights!

His blue helmet hair perfectly coiffed and his bling worn proudly on his new mummy body, a rejuvenated Golden Boy poses for the camera. Click! A golden grin. Click! A twinkle in the eye. The camera loves him.

No paparazzi shots for our Golden Boy! Nothing will do but a studio portrait taken by his favourite photographers, Karen and Chris, who have been following him on his incredible journey. Golden Boy’s best shot, carefully selected by his curatorial agent, and an accompanying bio appear on pages 40-41 of the Museum’s Handbook of the Collections. Shots from this photo session will also appear in the Systematic Catalogue of the Ancient Egyptian Collection, to be published in 2011.

If you buy a copy of the Handbook (currently available at the Museum Store), he might autograph it for you . . .

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