Installing Golden Boy

Home, sweet home.  In today’s third and final post, Shannon and Caroline look back on Golden Boy’s big move.

Moving Day at last! Our Golden Boy is ready to take up residence in the West Building Egyptian Gallery.

Bright and early on February 16, our beloved glittery hero was escorted from Art Storage, in the old East Building, to the new gallery by an entourage of 12 people. TWELVE! GB’s personal assistants included one curator, two art handlers, one registrar, one conservator, one conservation assistant, one exhibition designer, one mountmaker-installer, one photographer, and one webmaster-videographer . . . Oh! Mini-Mummy-Me was there, too!

The entourage made certain Golden Boy had all his personal belongings before departing. Pectoral piece. Check. Apron. Check. Soles. Check. Plaques of protective deities. Check. Helmet. Wait! Where’s the helmet? For safety the blue helmet traveled on a separate gurney from the rest of the pieces, which were already secured on the mummy.

After a long trip down the art tunnel and up the art lift, Golden Boy was ready to be installed in his new home by his unusually large entourage. That’s a lot of people to squeeze into a small gallery already full of casework and other objects, so the work required some delicate choreography. First we gave Golden Boy his helmet back (he was relieved; he was afraid of not being able to see, hear, and talk in the afterlife). Then we placed GB and his designer mummy mount into the display case and made sure the whole thing was centered.  To keep Golden Boy stable and safe, we secured the mummy mount to the backboard using long bolts. This required a bit of finagling by our mountmaker-installer (it looked like a scene from a cheesy horror flick), but we got it done.  We replaced Golden Boy’s pectoral to cover the hole where the bolts were hidden.

Finally, the case was closed with a custom-made vitrine, and we all stepped back to admire our work. (Mini-Mummy-Me gave us a standing ovation.) Golden Boy and his new designer mummy mount were finally home. Congrats to the whole team!

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    What a great website! I am an art teacher and I am so excited to see it! I hope to take my students on a visit this year (actual would be preferred, but nice to know we can take a virtual tour if necessary!) Thanks for the updates! Love the site!

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