Mini-Mummy-Me Goes to Brooklyn

egypt-galleryIn design, just as in other areas of life, it’s often helpful to get advice from someone who’s already been there–don’t re-invent the wheel, as they say.

So, once Team Golden Boy had decided on an abstracted “mummy” mount for our Gilded Mummy Covering, and we had a scale model to show us how that mount might work (we call him Mini-Mummy-Me!), we looked around to see who else might have had the same idea. We discovered that the Brooklyn Museum of Art has a mummy covering in their collection that is displayed just the right way, and we got in touch with them to see how they did it.

mini-cuz2planeConveniently enough, I was making a trip up to NYC to visit a friend right around the time we discovered our mini-mummy’s bigger cousin, so I convinced my traveling companion to stop by the BMA to take a look. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the object outside of its case–the conservator’s schedule did not align with my time in Brooklyn. Nonetheless, the BMA allows non-flash photography, so we took some photos that (I hope) were helpful in developing our final design for the faux mummy mount.

(Also, I like to think that Mini-Mummy-Me had a good time traveling around NYC–he got to fly with me on the plane, and meet some long-lost relatives, and he even got to cross the Brooklyn Bridge!)

The staff at the BMA was also very generous in sharing information about their process and materials, so with our photos and their expertise, our ingenious Conservation Tech, Stacey Kirby, was able to formulate a plan of action for making our own mummy mount.

(Check out earlier episodes from the Adventures of Golden Boy, and be on the lookout for more, as Golden Boy prepares for his debut in the new building.)

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