Follow Our Journey: Life in the Spotlight


Rodin, The Kiss, modeled circa 1881–82, cast at a later date, bronze, 34 x 17 x 22 in., Gift of the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation

As an “it” couple, we’re used to the red carpet treatment. The throngs of people, photo shoots, jet-setting, spa treatments and touch ups, exclusive parties, and front page headlines—it’s all in a day’s work really.

Since 1995, we’ve “honeymooned” across the globe visiting 36 cities in the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. (See a map of our travels.) We’ve seen the bright city lights of Los Angeles, Vancouver, Singapore, and Perth. We’ve been to the Great White North and to college campuses across the U.S. There were fabulous ski trips to Utah and Calgary and a relaxing sea-side get-away in Sarasota.

It’s not all glitz and glamour, though. Being in the spotlight for some 14 years is a bit exhausting. Just when we’ve settled in at one venue, we’re off again. It’s practically a circus traveling with an entourage of 59 across the globe. We’ve hardly been able to steal a moment to ourselves, and it has definitely taken a toll on our relationship. And the jet lag . . . don’t even get us started.

Now we’ve found ourselves in a curious place. It’s incredibly drab. Just wide open spaces, barren concrete walls, and scattered crates. We spot a familiar friend or two across the way—the curious fellow always so deep in thought, that unfortunate headless torso, and the ever-preaching Saint John.

But where is the red carpet, the adoring fans, and the good lighting that hides our trouble spots? We sure hope we won’t be here long. Check back and we’ll fill you in on our dreadful current situation and the next leg of our journey.

This post is part of the series Follow Our Journey. Follow The Kiss and six other works of art on the Big Move to the Museum’s new building.

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