Golden Boy: Eureka!

Just like in cartoons, a lightbulb appeared above my head. Eureka! I have a totally crazy idea for Golden Boy’s new mount. My idea is inspired by ancient Egypt itself and by what I have seen in museums around the world in the last few months…

Louvre Mummy

Mummy from the Musée du Louvre, Paris

Mummy from Kuntshistorisches Museum, Vienna

Coffin and mummy with cartonnage covering of a man called Sa-Hor, son of Neb-Udjat. Ptolemaic Period. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

Mummy with cartonnage trappings. Late Ptolemaic Period. Michael C. Carlos Museum, Atlanta.

Mummy with cartonnage trappings. Late Ptolemaic Period.Michael C. Carlos Museum, Atlanta.

Do you see what I see in these pictures? Do you recognise the shape that supports the various mummy coverings? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, I’m thinking about a mummy! The mummy coverings at the Louvre, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, and the Carlos Museum are all supported by a mummified body, the mummy to which the cartonnage plaques were afixed back in ancient time. I suggest we get a mummy for Golden Boy! Not a real mummy, of course, but a mummy-shaped mount that we could create here at the museum.

A mummy-shaped mount would offer excellent support to all the individual cartonnage pieces, including the helmet-mask, since it would be custom-made to fit each piece. Plus, the mummy shape will give Golden Boy much needed context, because the mount will give visitors an idea of how the gilded cartonnage pieces where used in ancient times.

What will Design and Conservation think of this crazy mummy-mount idea? Well, I guess you’ll find out with the next post… Stay tuned for the next episode in the Adventures of Golden Boy!

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