Follow Our Journey: The Story of the Mosaic

Mosaic detailWe have been together for a long time. Yet we also look forward to the great change ahead of us—a new world of light and sky.

We can still remember, but just barely, the days when we were not united, when we were nothing but stones and sand, scattered about the lands. We were gathered up by many hands, treasured and cleaned, and finally brought together, a great mosaic, forming us into our collective. Here we talk and think together. Here we can watch the world around us move.

There were centuries when we sat on the ground, walked upon by thousands of men, women, and children. How we loved the children! They did not just walk on us, they skipped, they played, enjoying what we gave them. In those days we had the sun, we had the dry North African land.


Mosaic, 2nd Century, Roman, Marble and glass, 8ft 2in x 8ft 2in, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hanes, 1979 (79.6.9)

Then we were moved, to a dark place where we didn’t see the sun. We were alone. We were untouched and we grew apart. Then, finally, the children came back. Soon we could hear their questions, see their faces, feel their smiles. We lay in a place of honor, among the myriad other stone creations.

And now we come to another move. Now we shall be split apart, but only for a moment, and then a new world. There we shall see light again. Truly beautiful light! We will once more be able to view the stars at night, and once more see our old friends. Our new home, with its sturdy white walls and smooth wood floors. And children.

This post is part of the series Follow Our Journey. Follow The Mosaic and six other works of art on the Big Move to the Museum’s new building.

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