Colors of Progress


White CurtainsWhile the installations are well underway in the white galleries, another dimension has begun: installation of the first of 2,000+ square yards of curtains. They are specifically designed and fabricated to control light for the collection, while softening the contrast between interior and exterior thus helping the eye to adjust for art viewing. They are three varieties of white.


SilverPorticoThe new building canopy at the entrance is nearing completion. Semi-reflective glass is being installed into the polished silver framework, reflecting the building and landscape on either side. The most dazzling aspect of the canopy is the polished stainless steel ceiling, reflecting visitors moving in and out of the gallery building.


GreenTreesWhile the new building is green in the “eco” sense of the word it is also being surrounded by a green landscape. The first trees have arrived on site! Finally. This is the icing on the cake. During the next few weeks, over 200 trees will be installed and will radically change the context of the building. By early December the site will be green with all the landscape elements complete.


RedPondThe pond project is entering its last phase after final design approval. This is not only a landscape project that will help connect the park and buildings, but a progressive demonstration of sustainable design. The pond and swale are integral parts of a global water management system for the entire site from the “rings” to the new building.  Some 20,000 plants will be installed, with a new path connecting the Museum trail to the Amphitheater. It will be North Carolina red clay for just a few more months.


GrayLobbyLots of noise in the Museum’s existing lobby is due to jackhammering as part of the existing floor is removed to make space for a white oak floor, just like in the new building. It’s a very strange sight to see the lobby completely gutted back to the exterior walls. By January the space will be complete but for now it is about as gray as gray can be with concrete and dust.

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