Let the Countdown Begin!

DI24791-01We are moving! Albeit about a 150 feet west, but it is an undertaking of massive scale. As we are packing and transporting hundreds of works of art in preparation for opening the magnificent new home of our permanent collection, the Museum is literally moving into the final stages of this grand expansion project.

But we would be remiss to think of the next few months as simply about art movement or anticipation of unveiling the new gallery building. This time is about so much more. We are not simply moving from one building to another. Rather, so many facets of what make this museum the beloved place it is are being transformed to create the best possible visitor experience for viewing, learning, contemplating, exploring, and enjoying our outstanding collection.

The most visible sign of the transformation will be the light-filled, expansive galleries that will allow the artwork to take center stage. Within those spaces the collection will be installed in an innovative way often inviting the visitor to see works of art differently than before. Many new and splendid art acquisitions will be on view for the first time and the sculpture garden will connect the bright interior galleries with the stunning landscaping surrounding the building. The restaurant and store will be in new locations with expanded selections. And a fresh new logo will welcome the transformation of the Museum.

We are excited to share with you the installation of the 45-foot tall stainless steel tree by Roxy Paine next week as well as the massive cedar vessel crafted by Ursula von Rydingsvard at the end of the month. Both will be centerpieces of the new gardens surrounding the Museum. Be sure to follow the installation process right here in the blog.

We can’t wait to share our new home with you as we herald a new era of arts in our great state. Let the countdown to April 2010 begin!

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