What is dust?

DustingI caught up with Conservation Technician Stacey Kirby in the galleries this morning, brush in hand, dusting the sculpture.

cw: How often do you dust the sculptures in the galleries?
sk: Every two weeks

cw: What is one of your favorite pieces to dust in the Contemporary Gallery?
sk: The Bob Trotman (Girl, 2003.1). It is a larger, uniquely-shaped piece that requires a bit of balance to successfully dust. Oh and one of my friends in housekeeping remarked that the Girl and I resemble one another. Not sure that’s a compliment, but…Some pieces on view collect dust more than others for a variety of reasons – location within galleries due to airflow, materials, etc.

cw: What is dust? (Here’s where I try to get all existential…)
sk: Actually, we’ve had NCMA’s dust analyzed and a good bit of it is carpet fiber and denim fiber…yes, from visitor’s jeans! We are interested to see how the dust falls in the new building, with the new air systems, hardwood floors and no jeans allowed. Just kidding about that last bit.

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