The Adventures of the Golden Boy

golden-boyThese are exciting times for the works of art in our collection. So much is happening as we prepare to move the permanent collection into the new building–the conservation lab, photography studio, exhibition design, art handlers, carpentry shop and curators are running on all cylinders to get everything ready. There are some works of art that will require extra special attention…

Our “Golden Boy” loves attention–that winning smile and radiant face draw you in. (He’s one of only a handful of gold objects in the permanent collection, and certainly one of the most impressive.) He once covered a mummy in an Egyptian tomb, and now it’s time to prepare him for a new life in the new building. Stay tuned to the blog as we follow his progress: we’ll check in with the Egyptian art curator for the latest research, conservators will report on condition, design will need to create a whole new mount and custom casework, we’ll venture out to other museums to compare display techniques, and we’ll watch as art handlers carry our Golden Boy to his new home. Stick around! The adventure begins later this week.

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