Museum Orphans!

Refurbished CasesDeaf and Blind Education in NC ExhibitionYes, the museum has orphans.

As we begin our migration into the new building the museum has been creating a number of orphans. Much of our case work that houses the Museum’s extensive objects collection is several decades old and is being updated, refurbished, and restyled for the beautiful new gallery environments. But out of an entire museum filled with cases this also means that somebody gets left behind.

The poor lonely things would be wasting away in our warehouse collecting dust, and there is nothing wrong with them except that they might be too big or small or we can’t re-tool them for a new use or new objects. So, we started an adoption program.

If we were to write a classified ad, it would read something like this:

Available for Adoption: Museum Quality Cases. Sound base structures and kick plates. No body dings, dents or fractures. Smooth surfaces ready for repainting. Expensive plastic vitrines/hoods unscratched with sound corners and seams. Leveling feet un-broken and ready for use.

Many of our orphans have found fabulous new homes in other state buildings, state museums, and the many historic sites around North Carolina. They have plenty of miles left on them and are now cherished by their new owners, and we are happy to oblige.

(Photos are from an exhibit developed by the Dept. of Cultural Resources at Aycock Birthplace with ECU students; the Governor Morehead School provided the artifacts. The NCMA provided the case work. )

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  1. Ailsa
    Posted June 26, 2009 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    This is VERY good news!

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