Green Machine

Behold, the mighty stone thrower. Here’s a quick video clip showing the monster machine shooting a rock base into the giant cistern alongside our new building. (You can also check it out it high definition.)

The cistern is an important part of our campus-wide environmental sustainability program including water conservation, storm water management and energy efficiency. The big black pipes will hold 90,000 gallons of captured roof water and condensate from the building’s A.C. system for irrigation of the new gardens and replenishment of its pools. The cistern will also be tied into a comprehensive storm water management design for a 50-acre portion of the Museum campus.

We’ve registered the new building for LEED Certification. Our environmental control systems are designed to perform 45% more efficiently than standards, and the galleries will be primarily lit with filtered daylight. There’s more information in our just-released Green Statement.

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