Bridge to Somewhere

Bridge on Woodland TrailWhat our staff has affectionately referred to as the “Bridge to Nowhere” has been transformed into the “Bridge to Somewhere”.

This stout, well-constructed bridge began its life as a Boy-Scout project off the Woodland Trail (see map).  Unfortunately, the structure was installed 30 yards uphill of the existing trail, and it had only one entrance (hence the name). It served more as a scenic deck, nestled in the woodland area, than a bridge.

Last month, Park staff and volunteers integrated the bridge into the trail system, and we did it in a way that will pay dividends in the future. We re-routed the Woodland Trail up to the bridge; the grade along the path is not as steep this way, which will lessen erosion and minimize human impact.  The bridge will now carry Park visitors directly to the Cloud Chamber, an icon of the Park.  In order to really protect the ecosystem, we built a boardwalk out of recycled wood over the roots of two large trees, and installed native “Christmas ferns” for erosion control.  90% of the wood used on this project was recycled from old fencing on the Museum’s property.

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