What’s Under My Pillow

At Dangeil, you can sleep under the stars. That’s rather distracting because the stars look absolutely fabulous against the dark desert sky. Sleeping outside also means being exposed to the winds. Although constant in Dangeil, the wind was much stronger than usual and I opted to sleep in the Bisharin house (with four other girls). This structure made of wooden posts and straw mats (more like a tent, really) is just for sleeping; we don’t keep our luggage there. That’s locked up elsewhere for the night. As a result, it means having a bunch of things stuck under your pillow.
Here’s what’s under mine:

  • a novel (I never go anywhere without something to read)
  • a flashlight and spare batteries (to be able to read in bed and to be able to go to the loo in the wee hours of the morning if you can’t hold it until sunrise)
  • toilet paper
  • a bottle of Deet mosquito repellent (occasionally needed even under a net)
  • my iPod (for the occasional game of solitaire or to block out snoring colleagues)
  • headache medicine
  • Tiger Balm
  • a pair of socks (in case it gets cold)
  • a sweater (it can get pretty chilly in the desert, you know, even for a Canadian)
  • my Thermos (helpful if you get thirsty or if you need to take an Advil)

Somehow, I manage to sleep comfortably with all this stuff under my pillow. However, I must admit that after 6 weeks on the dig, I start to miss my bed and I long for a dresser and a closet near it… In a few more days, this nomad becomes sedentary again. No more adventures; no more blogging. (For now!) Over and out.

Caroline’s posts have been delayed due to the sensitive nature of her research.

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