Washing Henry Moore

There’s nothing like a brisk shower to make you feel new again. A glance out my window helped me realize that applies to works of art too.

Washing the Henry Moore sculptureOur Henry Moore sculpture, Large Spindle Piece, currently sits on the roof of the Museum just below my office window. Odd place to display art, huh? It’s actually being stored there during the expansion project.

The Museum conservators recently gave the sculpture it’s twice yearly wash and wax using a non-ionic soap and plain tap water.┬áThe nature of this soap allows a more thorough rinsing which minimizes unwanted deposits on the bronze patina.

The bath was a long time coming–our bronze pieces went unbathed in 2007 as the conservators felt there was little consequence to the condition of the pieces if they skipped washing in favor of civic responsibility to the regional drought.

Originally located on the front lawn of the Museum, the sculpture was lifted by crane to the roof in August 2006 to make way for construction. When the new gallery building opens, it will find a new home in the South Garden.

Large Spindle Piece is currently on view via satellite.

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