The Musée du Louvre

On the other side of the pond, a 1-hour flight will take you from Toronto to Montréal or Raleigh to Atlanta. Here in Europe, you can do London-Paris… Carpe diem, they say. So I seized the day and spent the weekend in France.

Although I was visiting friends in Paris and Lille, I had some free time Saturday afternoon and I decided to go to the Louvre. My original plan was to visit the galleries of French art of the 17th-19th century (which were closed during my previous visit)… but I ended up in the ancient Egyptian galleries. WORKING. I did not own a digital camera during my last visit to the Louvre (my first visit, in fact) and I thought I would ‘race’ through the Egyptian galleries to take photographs of my favourite works first and then visit the French galleries.

The Egyptian galleries at the Louvre are huge; it took me all afternoon to photograph my favourite pieces. I never saw the French galleries at all!!! In fact, once I got to the Egyptian galleries, I got lost in my own little Egyptological world… and I started photographing numerous statues of couples, where a wife is embracing her husband, so that I could illustrate my upcoming talk on Signs of Affection in Egyptian Art and Literature. Yes, I ended up working… sighing of pleasure at the sight of these incredible works of art.

After all these efforts illustrating my talk, I hope many of you will sign up for the Valentine’s Lunch & Learn on February 13, 2009.

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