Pixelating Feininger

I like to think the subtle blocks of color at the top of the blog and the main site–nestled there under the logo–work on some subliminal level to connect people to the Museum and to our collection. Where do those colors come from? Here’s the secret: take an image of one of the Museum’s most prized paintings, imagine a line across the middle, stretch, and voilĂ !–painterly color bars.

Illustration from FeiningerThe works of art in the Museum’s permanent collection are at the heart of all we do, and there are some signature artworks that are at the heart of our collection. One of those is The Green Bridge II, by Lyonel Feininger. The painting came to North Carolina via our first Director, Wilhelm Valentiner, an amazing scholar and collector. It takes part in a fascinating moment of art history; and there’s just something about the opulent color–absinthe green, dusty purple, a burst of orange–amid the translucent shards that attracts and holds the eye.

The Green Bridge II is currently on view on the E-level by the glass elevator.

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