Closing Mehretu

Okay, we know you’ve been meaning to come see it, but you were just too busy. And now you have that bad/funny feeling in your gut—I call it art guilt. Don’t despair, it’s normal. It’s why all special exhibitions have the most visitors in the final weeks of their run. So, gather family and friends in town for Thanksgiving and make your way to the Museum. Trust us; you’ll be glad you did.

city sitingsOur special exhibition of large-scale abstract cityscapes—Julie Mehretu: City Sitings—closes this Sunday. Julie Mehretu is an internationally renowned artist; don’t take my word for it—take it from MoMA, the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, and SFMOMA in San Francisco.

You’ll discover lots of familiar graphic elements—maps, corporate logos, graffiti, architectural renderings, and urban grids—embedded in her canvases. So come out and play a game of “I Spy” with the Stadia series and see what you can find.

P.S. Before you visit, check out our City Sitings web page, where you can zoom in on details in the works of art and share what you find.

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