The North Carolina Museum of Art

Summer Camp at the NCMA

Let your child’s imagination soar this summer. These fun-filled camps are the perfect place to discover art, both indoors and out. Enhanced by exploration of the Museum’s galleries and Park, camps include drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture; nature walks; storytelling; and creative movement. Each camp’s offerings are unique, so children may enjoy more than one session. The Museum is also offering workshops for teens and preteens.

June 1–August 21
(ages 6–8 and 9–12)
Monday–Friday, 9 am–4:30 pm
$250 Members (per camp)
$280 Nonmembers (per camp)
8 am Early morning drop-off ($30 per camp)
5:30 pm Late afternoon pickup ($30 per camp)

Registration opens to members February 3 and to the public February 24.

June 1–5
Camp 1 (ages 6–8)
Camp 2 (ages 9–12)
Blast through the Past
Join us on an adventure across time. We’ll explore the arts of ages past as we journey through the years studying works from ancient civilizations to the modern world.

June 8–12
Camp 3 (ages 6–8)
Camp 4 (ages 9–12)
Big or Little?
Art can come in all sizes. Let yourself push the boundaries as you create life-size works as well as works that are teeny tiny!

June 15–19
Camp 5 (ages 6–8)
Camp 6 (ages 9–12)
Put on a Happy Face
With a focus on portraits, you’ll make faces with paint, clay, and photography inspired by the many faces of the Museum galleries.

June 22–26
Camp 7 (ages 6–8)
Camp 8 (ages 9–12)
Water, Water Everywhere!
Dive into a week of aquatic-inspired art. Let water be your inspiration for painting with watercolors, imagining undersea creatures, and exploring the pools and ponds of the Museum Park.

June 29–July 3
Camp 9 (ages 6–8)
Camp 10 (ages 9–12)
Once upon a Time
Art and stories go hand in hand. Explore how art tells stories and stories inspire art! Uncover exciting new stories and create art inspired by them.

July 6–10
Camp 11 (ages 6–8)
Camp 12 (ages 9–12)
Gods and Goddesses Galore
Unearth the myths and legends of ancient cultures like Egypt, Greece, and Rome, and create artwork inspired by your own personal mythology.

July 13–17
Camp 13 (ages 6–8)
Camp 14 (ages 9–12)
Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!
Discover the history of animals in art, from ancient times to the present day. Stuff, build, draw, and paint creatures that roam the earth and the outer limits of your imagination.

July 20–24
Camp 15 (ages 6–8)
Camp 16 (ages 9–12)
Where the Wild Things Art!
Investigate art inspired by the world around us and find inspiration from the most exciting parts of the natural world!

July 27–31
Camp 17 (ages 6–8)
Camp 18 (ages 9–12)
Lords and Ladies
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! You are invited to join us as we travel through the Middle Ages. Celebrate medieval masterpieces as you create your own tales of knights, castles, kings, and queens.

August 3–7
Camp 19 (ages 6–8)
Camp 20 (ages 9–12)
Get a Move On
Study how artists capture movement in painting and sculpture, and make your own moving works of art.

August 10–14
Camp 21 (ages 6–8)
Camp 22 (ages 9–12)
Got Glue?
Focus on the world of mixed media as you work and play with paper, found objects, paint, and glue.

August 17–21
Camp 23 (ages 6–8)
Camp 24 (ages 9–12)
Dream a Little Dream
Let your dreams lead you through the galleries and Museum Park as you unlock the door to your most creative self.

Middle School Workshops
(ages 11–13)
Monday–Friday, 9 am–4:30 pm
$250 Members (per workshop)
$280 Nonmembers (per workshop)

June 8–12 (ages 11–13)
Fashion Week!
From knitting projects to jewelry making, this week is all about how YOU can create your own accessories. Take inspiration from our collection to make your own fashionable, wearable art.

June 29–July 3 (ages 11–13)
Express Yourself
Tell your story in your own way! Explore the many ways art is used to communicate ideas and feelings and how your artistic choices reflect your individuality.

July 6–10 (ages 11–13)
A Lot to Draw From
Do you keep a sketchbook or always find yourself doodling? Come and find endless inspiration for your drawing as you explore the Museum galleries and park.

August 3–7 (ages 11–13)
Outside the Box
What is art? Does art have to be on a canvas or made of marble, or can a decorated plate qualify as art? Come out for a week of fun as we explore what the word “art” really means while we create some pieces of our own that push that boundary!

Summer Camp FAQs

You accept children ages 6-12. Will 6- and 12-year-olds be placed together?
Campers are grouped into two camps with approximately 15 campers in each—one camp with 6–8-year-olds and one camp of 9–12-year-olds. Gallery, Park, and studio activities are age-appropriate.

Do you make exceptions for mature 5-year-olds?
No. Your child must be 6 years old at the start of camp.

What does my child need to bring?
Your child will need to bring a lunch, two snacks, and a drink. You may want to also send a refillable water bottle, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, and a bag or tote to carry these items.

What does my child need to wear to camp?
Campers should wear comfortable and layered clothing that can get dirty or soiled with art materials. Please be aware that some art materials, such as acrylic paint, can be difficult to remove from clothing. Campers should also wear closed-toed shoes.

What kinds of art will my child see?
Campers will view works of art from the Museum’s permanent collection every day. Camp instructors choose the works of art based on the camp theme, and discussions are age appropriate.

What kinds of art will my child make?
Campers will have a chance to use a variety of materials while at camp, including media for drawing, painting, and sculpting. Projects and creative expression opportunities are determined by professional art instructors based on camp themes and inspiration from the permanent collection and Museum Park.

Will my child go outside?
Campers will hike the Museum Park trails during instructor-led walks. Weather permitting, campers will also spend the lunch hour outside, with an opportunity for organized or free play.

How does the registration process work?
Camps are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are cancellations, campers from the waiting list are contacted. Confirmation will be sent by mail shortly after all registration information has been received.

Camp Details

Each camp is Monday–Friday,
9 am–4:30 pm

Campers should bring a lunch, two snacks, and a drink.

Early morning drop-off at 8 am is available

Late afternoon pickup at 5:30 pm is available


Register through the NCMA Box Office online (camps are listed by start date on the calendar) or by calling (919) 715‑5923.

Download the Summer Camp Health Form and Suggested Items Checklist.

Cancellation Policy
To receive a refund (less $50 fee per student, per camp), you must cancel at least three weeks before the first day of the camp. No refunds will be made during the three weeks before each camp. If the NCMA cancels a camp, a full refund will be made.

Financial Assistance
The North Carolina Museum of Art offers a limited number of camp and workshop scholarships to families that demonstrate financial need. Send e-mail to Angela Faulk or call (919) 664-6855 for more information.