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A Toast to Venice!

As we celebrate the opening of our spring exhibition, we lift a glass to the magical city. The bellini cocktail was inspired by a painter's rosy palette.

A Carolina Homecoming

What's right (and wrong) with this picture? Curator of American Art John Coffey explains.

Ansel Adams Plays Favorites

The 48 black-and-white photographs on view at the NCMA in Masterworks are what Ansel Adams thought were his finest achievements.

Ansel Adams: Fast Facts

Here's your grab-and-go info for the NCMA's Masterworks exhibition, featuring 48 iconic and lesser-known works by the renowned photographer.

The Man with the Red Earring

Mystery hangs over our early English portraits, and none is more mysterious than that of the brash young man in flashy armor and fanciful red earring.

Stout Scarab: Egyptology on Wheels

Coordinating curator for Rolling Sculpture and curator of ancient art, Caroline Rocheleau discusses the 1936 Stout Scarab, “the perfect automobile for an Egyptologist.”

Growing Up at the Museum

A second-grade field trip launched a lifelong relationship with the Museum for one of our interns.

Return of the Whirligig

After six months of conservation treatment, Vollis Simpson's beloved Wind Machine is spinning like new in the Museum Park.

A Rare Reunion

Hundreds of years ago, a beautiful Italian altarpiece was broken apart and sold piecemeal, long lost to the art world. Until now.