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Friends of Greek Art

Ancient Greek art occupies a unique niche in the history of art: it stands at the root of western artistic traditions that were perpetuated through Rome and rediscovered during the Italian Renaissance, continued into the neoclassical period and are still found in art today.

The classical collection at the North Carolina Museum of Art thus beautifully links ancient history with the more recent past and the contemporary world. The collection provides a survey of the earliest phases of Western art, covering more than 3,000 years and much of the Mediterranean.

The Friends of Greek Art, a volunteer group affiliated with the North Carolina Museum of Art, support the Museum’s collection of classical art by:

  • Donating funds and fund-raising to acquire and install important new works for the collection.
  • Serving as advocates for the Museum and the classical art collection throughout the region and state.
  • Continuing to build a permanent endowment.

In the future support from the Friends of Greek Art will also enable the Museum to:

  • Present an annual lecture related to classical art and culture.
  • Obtain long-term loans from public and private collections in the United States and overseas.
  • Present temporary exhibitions related to classical cultures of the ancient Mediterranean.
  • Offer technology-based educational programs for teachers, students, and the lifelong learner.
  • Cultivate collaborations with North Carolina colleges and universities.


The Friends of Greek Art offer the opportunity to honor or remember a family member or friend through the donation of funds to acquire important classical works of art or to underwrite related educational and outreach programs.

FoGA Acquisitions

Krater by the Syriskos Painter with Poseidon and Aithra

White Ground Lekythos with a Tomb Scene

Intaglio Ring with Scene of Nike and Trophy

Krater by the Syriskos Painter with Maenads and Satyrs

Community Collaboration

American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) Marathon Chapter 2 Foundation

Statuette of Aphrodite-Isis


Regarding the collection, lectures, or exhibitions of classical art at the NCMA:

Caroline M. Rocheleau

Curator of Ancient Art
(919) 664-6845

Regarding the Friends group, FoGA meetings and e-Newsletter, or Museum membership:

Camille Patterson

Senior Membership Officer

(919) 664-6760

Regarding donations, gifts, the FoGA fund, or contributions to FoGA endowment:

Kathryn Yandell

Senior Major Gifts Officer
(919) 664-6763