The North Carolina Museum of Art

Confirmation, Payment, and Cancellation

  • Clients must submit a North Carolina Museum of Art Facility Rental Application by mail or fax prior to event approval.
  • A date may be held for five days prior to submission of an NCMA Facility Rental Application and $500 calendar booking fee. Fee is nonrefundable but applicable to bill.
  • After event approval a contract will be issued. The event must be confirmed with a signed contract and paid nonrefundable deposit of 25% of contract estimate within 10 days from the date of the agreement, or the date will be released.
  • An additional 25% deposit will be due no later than two weeks prior to event date.
  • Should a change in plans be necessary due to hazardous weather conditions, $500 calendar booking fee and deposits may be applied to a new date within one year.
  • Cancellations made by the client after the contract has been signed will require a forfeiture of the calendar booking fee and 25% deposit.
  • Final payment for the event is due within 30 days after event date.

Use Regulations

The North Carolina Museum of Art is foremost an art museum, and all policies are guided by the need to ensure the safety of the art collection, care for the building, and maintenance of the reputation of the Museum. Therefore, facilities are made available under very specific conditions.

Types of Events

The Museum may be used for cocktail receptions, dinners, meetings, presentations, weddings and wedding receptions, and corporate events.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse rentals on the basis of availability, safety, or inappropriateness of the proposed event as it pertains to the Museum's overall mission or standards of quality as determined by Museum representatives.

Membership Requirement

All individual clients must be members of the North Carolina Museum of Art to host an evening event. If the renter is not currently a member, a membership application will be included with the contract. The payment will be included in the contract deposit.


The Museum is available for private rental to Museum members Tuesday through Sunday at the hours described in Event Spaces.

Rental Fees

Rental fees for events beginning after Museum hours are based on a four-hour rental period. Any evening event longer than four hours will incur an additional fee. Rental fees include basic in-house event furniture, standard security, custodial services, and special events supervision. Rental fees do not include audiovisual equipment, flowers, décor, entertainment, photography, catering, linens, specialty furniture, or tableware.

Additional Fees

Rental fees include initial setup of Museum-owned tables and chairs. Setup requirements must be confirmed 10 days prior to the event. If any changes are made to the setup after this time, including on the day of the event, additional fees may be applied. If any changes to the initial setup are required during the event, additional fees may be applied.


All use of the facilities shall terminate and facilities be vacated no later than the time and dates stated. In the event that all facilities are not vacated at such time, an additional hourly fee may apply. This does not include any possible overages client may incur from other vendors. Events should be scheduled to begin no earlier than 6:30 pm and may end no later than 10:30 pm. Spaces may be made available before 6:30 pm and after 10:30 pm by special arrangement; this will incur additional fees.


The client shall conduct the event in an orderly manner in full compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations, and in accordance with all rules and regulations established by the Museum. The Museum reserves the right to conclude any event at any time due to inappropriate or undesirable behavior by the client or client’s guests as determined by the Museum staff. Such cancellation will result in the forfeiture of all monies paid to the Museum by the client.


All plans for décor are subject to approval and are limited to the designated event spaces. Nothing may be affixed to any interior or exterior surface of the Museum. Candles in glass containers or votives are allowed in certain spaces approved and identified by the Museum. No open flame, confetti, rice, glitter, loose petals, balloons, sparklers, or live animals are permitted. All rented equipment, decorations, and flowers must be removed from the premises within 24 hours after the end of the event, or an additional hourly fee may be charged.


All food and beverages (including all alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages) must be provided by the Museum. Individual caterers, restaurant delivery, or personal food services are not permitted. No food or beverages are allowed in the galleries. Wedding and birthday cakes may be provided by the client with approval by the Museum. All food and beverages remaining after the event become property of the Museum.


The Museum retains a liquor license and must provide any liquor, beer, or wine used at any function held at the Museum.

Printing and Press Materials

All printed materials relating to the event, including invitations, programs, promotional materials, press releases, and printed materials must be reviewed and approved by the Museum 14 days before publishing. The client is not to promote the event as a Museum-sponsored event.

Museum Services

Guided tours or special lectures are available for an additional fee. If requested, the Museum Store may be open during an event, at the discretion of the Museum. Additional galleries may remain open to client for an additional fee.


Parking is available on the Museum campus for event guests and is located off Blue Ridge Road and behind West Building. Valet parking can be arranged in advance through the Museum for an additional fee.


Deliveries may be made only on the event date during designated hours, so as not to conflict with Museum activities and operations, and must be coordinated through the director of special events. There is no storage available at the Museum. No hand trucks, dollies, carts, extension cords, or electrical equipment will be provided by the Museum.


The client is responsible for any applicable licenses for live or recorded music.Subcontracted bands or DJs must contact the special events coordinator at least two weeks before the event to consult on setup guidelines within the Museum. All entertainment is subject to approval by the Museum.

Audiovisual and Technical Needs

Contact the Museum for a list of fees for A/V equipment. The Auditorium is equipped with an LCD projector and screen, which are included in rental. The Boardroom is equipped with a screen and projector, included in rental.


The Museum is a smoke-free facility, and smoking is not permitted inside the buildings or on the premises, including the gardens and patio.


The North Carolina Museum of Art requires security guards to be present at all events. Security needs will be based on the type of event,  to be determined by the Museum, and to be paid by the client. Security officers are under direct supervision of the Museum, and only Museum personnel are to give instructions to the officers. The client and guests must comply with all security officer requests.

The Facility Rental Information and Policies may change without notice.

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Find out more about hosting your event at the Museum:

Morgan Greer
director of special events
(919) 664-6839