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Eleonora di Toledo (15221562) and new frame
Studio of Bronzino (Agnolo di Cosimo), Italian, 1503–1572, 64.35.5

Lucrezia de' Medici (15451561)
Attributed to Alessandro Allori, Italian, 1535–1607, and assistants, 64.35.4

The Raising of Lazarus
Domenico Tintoretto, Italian, circa 1560–1635, 60.17.49

The Banquet of Cleopatra and Antony
Studio of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian, 1696–1770, 56.15.1

Portable Altarpiece: Pietà, Saints Francis, Sebastian, John the Evangelist,
Jerome, and John the Baptist
Circle of Bartolomé Bermejo, Spanish, circa 1435/40–circa 1500, 52.9.169

Still Life with Strawberries and Chocolate
Juan Bautista Romero, Spanish, 1756–after 1802, 52.9.184

Still Life with Pastries, Wine, and Eggs
Juan Bautista Romero, Spanish, 1756–after 1802, 52.9.185

Portrait of Heinrich Crüdener                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Bartel Bruyn the Younger, German, 1530–1610, 52.9.134

Portrait of the Wife Heinrich Crüdener                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bartel Bruyn the Younger, German, 1530–1610, 52.9.135

Crucifixion with the Virgin and Saints John the Evangelist, Peter, and Paul                                                                                                                                               Circle of Juan de Borgoña, Spanish, circa 1470–1536, 52.9.191

Christ before Pilate
Lluis Borrassà, Spanish, circa 1360–circa 1425, 52.9.170

Madonna and Child
Bartolommeo Bellano, Italian, 1430/35–1492/1500, 56.8.1

The Creation
Unknown Flemish, active late 16th century, 52.9.98

The Flight into Egypt
John Singer Sargent, American, 1856–1925, 2009.7.1

The Madonna at Prayer
Sassoferrato, Giovanni Battisti Salvi, 1609–1685,  TR.2007.48/2 LOAN 7.2007.2

Sir William Pepperrell (17461816) and His Family
John Singleton Copley, American, 1738–1815, active in Great Britain 1774–1815, 52.9.8

Ships in a Stormy Sea off a Coast
Ludolf Backhuysen, Dutch, 1631–1708, 98.13

Christ and the Woman of Samaria
Pierre Mignard, French, 1612–1695, active in Rome 1635–1657/58, 52.9.127

Kitchen Ball at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia
Christian Friedrich Mayr, American, born Germany (Bavaria), 1803–1851, 52.9.23

St. Cosmas and St. Damian
Master of the Rinuccini Chapel, Italian, active 1350–1375, 60.17.9

Oldfield Bowles
Attributed to Nathaniel Dance, British, 1735–1811, 52.9.87

Jean Hélion, French, 1904–1987, 57.40.1

Conservation Exhibition: Revolution in Paint

Where would the French impressionists have been without their paint? The exhibition Revolution in Paint (September 2006–February 2007) was based on a simple premise: an unprecedented change in artists' paint during the 19th century enabled a revolution in painting. This guide to the exhibition (pdf) explores 19th-century French painting and the innovations of the impressionists, with special emphasis on their choice of pigments.


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