The North Carolina Museum of Art

Lecture: Peacocks and Porsches

Saturday, October 5 | 2:30 pm
East Building, Museum Auditorium
Free; ticket from Museum Box Office required.
If all tickets are taken, "no-show" seats will be released five minutes after start of program.

Jill Sundie, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Arizona State University

What motivates people to consume luxury products, and how do others perceive them when they do? Luxury consumption is intimately connected to status seeking and romantic motivations in ways that echo the conspicuous displays of a variety of animals (such as the peacock’s feathers). Sundie discusses how prestige brands such as Porsche can generate positive emotions such as admiration and inspiration as well as dark emotions. This side of conspicuous consumption highlights the social complexities involved in consuming and displaying rare and beautiful items.

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