The North Carolina Museum of Art


It's your art museum, North Carolina! From lively teacher programs to thought-provoking lectures on the arts, a variety of programs and resources are available for audiences of all ages. The NCMA strives to be "of and for" the people of North Carolina.

Traveling Trunks

“At Home in Holland,” "Friends and Family," “In the Garden”, and "Tunes and Travels."

Four different Traveling Trunk art experiences, available on loan or as facilitated programs, engage individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Each trunk includes reproductions of a work of art from the Museum’s collection accompanied by replicas of items that can be seen in the painting. Conversation starters and activities are designed to stimulate interaction, the senses, and memory. Free. Contact Ailsa Tessier or call (919) 664-6776.

Online courses

The Museum offers five online high school art courses through a grant-funded collaboration with the North Carolina Virtual Public School. Students can register now for summer and fall semesters.

No events scheduled at the moment—check again soon.


Ailsa Tessier
(919) 664-6776.


Each school year the Museum partners with four public school systems to bring our collections into classrooms across North Carolina.

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